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General Terms and Conditions of Alplant Ltd and CANNABA Ltd, 2019

1. General Conditions of use

The present General Terms and conditions (GTC) constitute the basis for the use of the websites www.alplant.ch and www.Cannaba.ch and for the purchase of products and services from Alplant Ltd and Cannaba Ltd.
With the purchase of products and services of Alplant Ltd and Cannaba Ltd, the customer confirms that he has read and accepted our GTC. The GTC are an integral part of the sales contract between the customer and the seller. Any conditions that deviate from these GTC are only binding if they have been agreed to by the seller, explicitly and in writing. Conflicting terms and conditions of the customers will not be accepted.
The customer confirms that he is at least 18 years old and that he has the legal capacity to act, at the time he places this order.


2. Legal Framework and conditions

The products and services of Alplant Ltd and Cannaba Ltd, which are made available on the marketing platform www.alplant.ch and www.cannaba.ch are legally tradable in Switzerland and do not come under the Swiss narcotics law.
Our tobacco replacement products are registered with the Federal Office for Health and the Federal Customs Administration, section duty on tobacco, and duly taxed. Their distribution does not require authorization like other tobacco products.


3. Products and raw materials of Alplant Ltd and CANNABA Ltd

Alplant Ltd and CANNABA Ltd sell their products, among others, as raw materials. The customer has the responsibility to inform himself about the law and the requirements valid in the importing country. Alplant Ltd and CANNABA Ltd shall disclaim any liability in case of any use which does not comply with the legal requirements and the laws of the importing country.

3.1 Restrictions regarding the use of our products

The products of Alplant Ltd and Cannaba Ltd are no medicines. It is strongly advised not to interrupt any previous medical treatment and not to act against a medical recommendation. Counselling or information regarding therapeutic or medical matters, in relationship with the use of products from Alplant Ltd and CANNABA Ltd, are strictly reserved to qualified medical personnel.

3.2 Test orders

The commissioned tests are valid only for the respective customer (receiver) and include the corresponding report and analysis number. It is strictly forbidden to modify test reports or to use them for other purposes. Infringements will be prosecuted under the law and reported by the seller as document fraud.


4. Contract conclusion

The offers on this website represent a non-binding proposition to the customer to purchase products and/or services from the seller. When using this website for his order, the customer agrees to conclude a binding contract. By automatically ordering per e-mail and clicking on “Confirming the order”, the contract is legally binding for the customer. Returns will only be possible under the conditions specified in clause Nr 10.
If, after conclusion of the contract, the ordered products cannot be delivered or only partially delivered, the customer is entitled to withdraw from the contract completely or partially. In case of contract termination, the seller is not obliged to any replacement delivery.


5. Delivery conditions

The delivery takes place either by direct transfer of the goods to the customer, through the Swiss postal services or through other usual courier services. Delivery prices are charged to the customer. At an order amount of CHF 800 or above, the delivery in Switzerland is free of charge.
As a general rule, delivery period inside Switzerland is 3 working days, in other countries, it depends on their own specifications. A delay in delivery does not grant any right to compensation, price reduction or cancellation of the order.
The customer has the obligation to control the goods immediately after their delivery and has to inform the seller of any damages or defects within 3 days, in writing, per letter or per e-Mail.
Returns to the seller are made at the expense and risk of the customer. The customer must return the totality of the goods in their original packaging, with all accessories, together with the delivery note and an extensive written description of the damages or defects the customer has found. Returns must be made to the return address indicated by the seller.


6. Prices

The price of the goods are the prices which are valid on the day of the order. They are expressed in the respective currency, to which the legally due Value Added Tax (VAT) will be added. The tobacco taxes are already included in the delivery prices within Switzerland.
Whenever deliveries are made to countries other than Switzerland, the respective legal provisions regarding VAT and customs regulations apply.
Alplant Ltd and CANNABA Ltd are entitled to changing their prices at any time. However, they agree to deliver the goods and establish the corresponding invoice with the price valid at the time of order.
No price reductions or discounts are granted without a special agreement from the seller.


7. Payment conditions

Without explicit agreement, the delivery will be paid in advance, by Bank transfer to:

Berner Kantonalbank
IBAN: CH27 0079 0016 5756 3290 5

Alplant GmbH, Ziegelackerstrasse 11a, 3027 Bern CANNABA GmbH, Ziegelackerstrasse 11a, 3027 Bern


8. Reservation of ownership

The goods are the propriety of Alplant Ltd resp. CANNABA Ltd until complete payment of the invoice. From the 60th day onwards after the date of invoice an additional tax of 3% will be added to the total invoice.


9. Returns

The seller allows the customer the right to return an order, in case of an error in the delivery or of a complaint regarding the product. The customer must notify the seller of an intended return within 3 days after receipt or collection of the goods.
Returns to the seller are made at the expense and risk of the customer. The customer must return the totality of goods in the original packaging, with all accessories, together with the delivery note and an extensive written description of the damages or defects he has found. Returns must be made to the return address indicated by the seller.
Transport damages must be notified within 3 days. Failing to do so, the possibility to process a claim for free replacement will expire (see clause Nr. 4).


10. Data protection

In the case of processing and use of personal data, the regulations and legal norms of the Swiss Data Protection law and the Basic Regulations of the European Union (GDPR) are strictly respected. The customer data generated during the ordering steps are treated confidentially and exclusively within the framework of Alplant Ltd resp. CANNABA Ltd.
The data necessary to provide the services can also be transmitted to subcontracted service providers (logistical partners).
When visiting the website www.alplant.ch and www.cannaba.ch, statistical visitor data is automatically generated, indicating which parts of the promotional offers are most commonly visited. Data collected can include browsers, operating systems, Weblogs and other connection details, independently of the necessity to collect this data for our own purposes or other purposes. In this context, it is sometimes necessary to use so-called Cookies. The collected data does not contain any personal reference and is sufficiently anonymous so as not to be allow any conclusion about any individual person.
The company Alplant Ltd respectively CANNABA Ltd does not automatically collect personal data from the customers, like, for instance, Name, address, phone number or e-mail address. An exception is the data the customer voluntarily generates by filling out the order form on the Website, by purchasing goods or services or by contacting the seller in any other way on the Website.
In order to continually improve the Website for its users, the seller is allowed to use Cookies. Cookies are small pieces of data sent from a website and stored on the user’s computer (for example using Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox), designed to remember pieces of information and to enhance and speed up the user’s utilization of the Website (i.e. language, shopping cart, etc.) These cookies are completely anonymous and do not contain any personal data. At no time is malware or spyware installed or used on the customer’s computer to access his data or information.
Most browsers accept these cookies automatically, but some can be configured automatically so as not to accept or store any cookies. Indications on this subject can be found on the browser’s Help function.
The customer is free to inform the seller at any time that he does not wish for his personal data to be used to contact him in the future.
Additionally, there is the possibility to collect information for data processing or to request a copy of the personal data used on the Website of www.alplant.ch and www.cannaba.ch . Corresponding requests must be addressed in writing to info@alplant.ch.


11. Copyright

The totality of the pictures, images, logos, graphics and diagrams on this Website are protected by copyright and cannot be used without the written consent of the owners.


12. Liabilities

The customer assumes the full liability for individual damages, damages to property, legal penalties, lost profits or loss of turnover, loss of the use of a product or equipment and any loss of property which can result from the acquisition, the use or abuse of a product of Alplant Ltd or CANNABA Ltd. Alplant Ltd and CANNABA Ltd, their owners, representatives, team members and employees cannot be held responsible for any incorrect actions of the customer.
Alplant Ltd, resp. CANNABA Ltd cannot be held responsible for the non-execution or the delay of an order, as stipulated in these GTC, in the case of force majeure (act of God). The circumstances deemed force majeure are any external, unforeseeable or unavoidable events.

13. Place of jurisdiction

All legal relationships of the contract partners with Alplant Ltd resp. CANNABA Ltd are subject to Swiss Law. The place of jurisdiction of all legal proceedings is Bern. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Gods, CISG, is explicitly excluded.

For any further questions or suggestions, we will be pleased to respond at the usual business hours. E-Mail: info@alplant.ch
Phone : +41 (0) 76 336 87 03